Creations Create

By Cindy Koch

Just like any other Sunday, the ushers marched down the center aisle halfway through the church service. Their leather dress shoes kept even time with the piano music during the offering. As they passed our pew, I noticed neither one of the gentlemen were looking at their destination. Their heads were tipped to the right and they both wore a proud, goofy smile. I scanned the rest of the congregation for a clue to their delight. In a wave of curiosity, every man woman and child also turned to focus on the grand piano on the side of the church.

And there, hidden behind the bold notes of Bach during the church offering, a feisty nine-year-old boy played his heart out. The preschool girls pointed in excitement. The elders sat a little taller and nodded in approval. The mommas smiled heartily as his young song filled the air that morning. The whole church took a deep breath together and gave thanks to God for such a blessing.

For this church, in this place, the little blond boy reminded us of our creative faith. We each remembered that God has given us a creative mind to serve his church. As traditional as our place of worship is every Sunday, week after week, we all come together with different passions for his glory.

When Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, they were given His creativity. Unlike the birds of the air or beasts of the field, man and woman can create for pure enjoyment. Music, art, words: His image radiates from the creative ways we imitate Him.

So, I looked around at our living, breathing church that morning. Landscapers, bakers, singers, preachers, artists, musicians, teachers, readers, writers, carpenters, mothers, fathers, cleaners, planners, philosophers, computer programmers, handymen… The walls were pulsing with God’s creative image as we sang together, “O Jesus Christ, true Lamb of God, you take the sin of the world away; have mercy on us Jesus Christ, and grant us peace, O Lord, we pray.”

And our nine-year-old brother in Christ stood shoulder to shoulder with us in our creative faith. He confessed his sin, received forgiveness, and then reflected his good Creator in the beautiful music from his redeemed fingers.

But our creative faith is not simply contained inside the church walls on a Sunday morning. It is too easy to forget that this is who we are all of the time. We were created, redeemed, and living now as an artistic reflection of our God. Every meal I craft, every song you sing, we are echoing the creative gift of life that the Creator breathed on us.