I’m Converting

By Graham Glover

I’ve been thinking about it for almost 22 years. Sometimes it’s simply a fleeting thought. Other times it preoccupies an inordinate amount of my day. Making this jump – taking this plunge, is something I’ve considered my entire adult life. And now I’m ready. After a long journey of vacillating, I’m really going to do it. I’ve spent countless hours researching every conceivable reason why I should and even more why I shouldn’t. I’ve analyzed copious amounts of data, including primary and secondary sources, as well as scathing critiques of them all. I’ve carefully deliberated what my decision will mean, both immediately and in the long term. But it’s not just my decision. It’s a family decision, because my decision will affect them all. It’s no wonder then that my wife has been instrumental in leading me to this point. You might even say she is the one who pushed me over the top – the one who gave me the final bit of encouragement I needed.

So here we are. The day has arrived. I’ve finally decided it’s time to do what so many have suggested I do for years. I’m converting.

That’s right, I’m converting.

The loyalists out there will ridicule my conversion. They’ll call me a “sell-out” and offer me a myriad of reasons why I shouldn’t. Even when I tell them that I’ve made up my mind, they’ll still try to persuade me otherwise. It’s how they are. It’s how they’ll always be.

Despite these very vocal, but insignificant naysayers, I doubt my conversion will cause much consternation amongst my closest family and friends. Some may initially respond with, “That’s stupid. And a waste.” Others will yawn and say, “Who cares, there’s really not much difference.” Then there will be the chorus that exclaims, “It’s about time!” And of course, there will be some, perhaps most, who will barely acknowledge what I’m doing. Ultimately, they just won’t care.

But should they? Should they care what I do? Is my conversion experience really all that important? It is to me, but what about others? In large part, my decision won’t affect anyone other than my wife and children. My family’s embrace of my journey won’t change how we interact with those who don’t share in our decision. Honestly, as excited as I am, I think this decision will be a non-event. There may be some who will notice a few differences in certain aspects of me. If they pay attention, they’ll be able to see a few subtle changes. But the substantive changes will be noticeable only to me and my family.

Which is why, with the exception of this short blog post, I’m not going to make a big deal out of it. It’s not like this conversion is completely outside the norm. In fact, similar conversions seem to happen on a regular basis, especially in the circles I’m a part of. Given my background, it just seems to makes sense. It’s kind of the logical end-state. And I couldn’t be happier about where I am right at this moment.

Enough bantering. It’s time to take my words and turn them into action.

It’s time to convert.

Time to convert from a PC to a Mac…