Talking Movies With My Brother

By Tim Winterstein

Honestly, I can’t believe we’d never thought of it before.

My brother, Jay, and I talk a lot about movies. He’s the one who went to film school. He’s the one who introduced me to the Newport Beach Film Festival. He’s the one who tells me which classic movies I’ve missed and should see. He’s the one I ask when I don’t know the technical language of film.

So the idea should have occurred to me a long time ago that Jay and I should have a film and theology podcast. The world no doubt needs another podcast like I need another hole in my head. But perhaps there’s a niche for us. There’s no shortage of film podcasts. And there are also people talking film from a variety of religious perspectives, including Christians. But I don’t know of one that talks film and theology from those two perspectives at the same time, let alone one hosted by brothers.

I have the language of theology, but Jay is also a Lutheran. He has the language of film, but I love talking about movies too. So we’re approaching both theology and film from different perspectives, which should lead to some fruitful conversation. It seems like it should be a pretty good combination. (We’ll see if anyone other than our mom thinks so.)

We’re excited to announce the launch of Saints and Cinema with the Winterstein Brothers. If you’re interested in the intersection of film and theology, or if you’ve enjoyed anything I’ve written here, maybe you’ll find what we’re going to do interesting as well. I intend to continue writing here, but a podcast is a different animal, especially one that will be a conversation between brothers about shared interests.

We’re looking forward not only to talking movies with each other, but we also have a number of guests in mind—both filmmakers and pastors/theologians—to talk to about what they do, what they’re working on, and how they see the interaction between the work of film and theology.

We’d be happy for you to check us out on Facebook (, follow us on Twitter (, or send us an e-mail ( A website should be coming soon at, with each of our top 100 lists and a few other things. And we’re hoping to have the introductory episode up within a week or so. If you listen and you like what we do, please share at will!