Maundy Thursday for Families during the Quarantine

Why is this night different from all other nights? Traditionally, the youngest child at the dinner table would ask this question as part of the Passover meal. This meal brought to remembrance the great acts of God for His people Israel, delivering them from slavery in Egypt so long ago. Rightly called the Passover, because the angel of the Lord passed over the homes of God’s people which were marked with the blood of a lamb. They were saved from the final plague that brought death over the land. So every year after, God’s people celebrated, ate and drank, remembered their gift of salvation.

Jesus also celebrated the Passover with his disciples. But this meal was the beginning of a greater Passover to come. Tonight is different from all other nights because Jesus reveals the gifts that he will leave with us after he has ascended to the Father. Tonight is different from all other nights because Jesus is preparing to die for the sins of the world. Tonight is different from all other nights because the blood of the lamb will soon grant us all eternal salvation.

This Holy Thursday, gather with your family in a meal of remembrance. Tonight we have time. Tonight we have focus. Tonight we can remember the amazing acts of our God for our salvation.


READ John 13:1-15, Matthew 26:17-30

Check out Pinterest decorations and crafts

Listen to Family Style Theology “Maundy Thursday”

Sing “Lamb of God Pure and Holy” (LSB #434)

Pray Opening Versicles for Lent in the Service of Prayer and Preaching (LSB pg. 260)