10 Quick Points In Favor of Going to Church Every Week

Lull in the conversation? Looking for Bible study content? Sick of talking about Fortnight around the dinner table? Grab one of these premises and discuss its merits.

10) Church equips you for real life (Eph 4:11–14).

9) If you call yourself a Christian, you should go where Christians go, which is church. If you don’t go to church, that doesn’t eo ipso mean you aren’t a Christian, but it does mean you suck at being a Christian (just like a marathon runner who never runs sucks at marathons).

8) Your fellow Christians are encouraged by your presence (James 5:16).

7) If you’re the man of the house, you’ve got to act like it by bringing your family to church (Eph 5:25–27).

6) If you’re the lady of the house, your holiness sanctifies your husband (1 Cor 7:14).

5) If you are a parent, you need to set a good example for your children (Prov 22:6).

4) Jesus went to church regularly (Luke 4:16).

3) You can’t forgive your own sins (John 20:23).

2) At church you can get a taste of a literal expert’s knowledge for free (but you should tithe anyway).

1) The Bible says, “Go to church.” (Heb 10:24–25).

Enjoy. And remember the proverb: “The sluggard says, ‘There’s a lion outside! I’ll be killed in the public square!’” (Prov 22:13)