A Prayer of the Church for the Twentieth Anniversary of 9/11

Dear Father, you are the God of concord and the bringer of peace, but you often allow evil to befall on us in order to test us and to call us back to your fold. This weekend we remember the men and women who died at the hands of terrorism 20 years ago. Let us who were affected never forget those events which were done in the name of a false god from a false religion and with the hateful purpose of our homeland’s annihilation. May 9/11 serve as a reminder for our daily repentance before you, our thankfulness for all those who respond to emergencies, and our inspiration of duty to our fellow man over selfish endeavor and a sniveling victimhood mentality.

Bring the enemies of your church to repentance and faith in your Son, Jesus, before it is too late for them and they burn eternally. Enable us the grace to peacefully strive for wisdom and understanding of differing cultures and worldviews while still fearlessly proclaiming the gospel and defending the freedom you have given us to receive your gifts of Word and Sacrament unmolested by the fear of violence or government overreach.

In your great and abundant mercy, deal with us not according to what we deserve: so protect us from tyranny and unjust laws, so that we will not have to disobey our rulers. Protect us from disaster and violence, so we may live in peace and quiet. Protect us from ourselves in our pursuit of egotism, so that we put the needs of others over our own. Restore daily unto us the joy of your salvation in Jesus Christ, whose blood was spilt by religious fanaticism and bloated imperialism. Not much has changed, especially your peace that the world cannot understand. Give us this peace always, though the world turn to ashes around us. For you live and reign with the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God, whose kingdom will have no end.