The World Needs More Kyle Rittenhouses

I watched it live: Kyle Rittenhouse’s legs gave out in relief as he heard the final verdict of his way-too-many charges: not guilty. I am not ashamed to admit that the sight of this brave young man brought me to tears. Believe it or not, there was an awful lot at stake here: not just for Kyle, but for the second amendment, for self-defense, and for equal justice for all.

I remember the riots in Kenosha following the shooting of rapist, kidnapper, and parole violator Jacob Blake. Remember, Blake reached for a knife under the front seat of his car to threaten and attack the police, who were called to the scene by Blake’s ex-girlfriend whom he had sexually assaulted and whose child he was actively kidnapping (and whose restraining order he was breaking). I rejoice that Jacob Blake is paralyzed so he is no longer a threat to other people. Amidst the “justice for Blake” signs, what happened to “justice for rape victims and small children being kidnapped”? For anyone with eyeballs, these hair-brained justifications for rioting—sorry, “protestingare becoming more transparent than Jeffrey Toobin’s webcam. Hey, at least some of them were wearing masks as they lit dumpsters on fire.

At any rate, this particular riot on this particular night in Kenosha saw footage of Joseph Rosenbaum, who was a 5-time child rapist, repeatedlyyelling, “Shoot me, [n-word]” at people. That pretty much sums up what BLM stands for, right? A white man formerly imprisoned for anally raping a small boy yelling the n-word. Classy. Let’s defund the police so these people can cause billions of dollars in damage and hundreds of casualties in urban areas. 

You know the rest of the story, I’m sure: Kyle shot Rosenbaum, Huber, and the guy with stupid earrings in self-defense. After being chased, threatened, hit in the neck with a skateboard, and having an unlicensed pistol trained at his head, it’s official: not guilty by a jury of his peers. Self-defense.

Ope, here come the arguments: “Why was he there? He shouldn’t have been there!”

Why was Rosenbaum there? Looking for more boys to rape? Why was Huber? Looking for more windows to smash? Why was “Jump kick Man”? Showing off his yellow pants? Why was Stupid Earring Man? Aside for the complete irrelevance of the argument, if you honestly believe that Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t have a right to be in Kenosha that night but the other guys did, then you are a supporter of crime. You support rioting. You are defending garbage with mile-long rap sheets. Sorry, rape-sheets

If Kyle Rittenhouse did not have a right to defend himself when surrounded by and attacked by these white-trash rioters, then when do you? When you are shot? When the rapist penetrates you? When a rioter smashes the windows of your house? When the media decides you can? When your intersectionality score is low enough?

If Kyle Rittenhouse had not defended himself, he would have been killed. And you never would have heard his name. He would’ve gone the way of David Dorn, a BLACK retired cop in St. Louis who was murdered by BLM “protestors.” Instead, this young man was trying to help. He was cleaning up graffiti, putting out fires, providing medical assistance, and running from violence. I don’t think it was a good idea for Kyle to go out that night, but I thank God that he was there. And I thank God that Rosenbaum and Huber can’t hurt anyone anymore. They died as they lived, and the world is better off without them.

There could not be a more transparent form of media manipulation than the Rittenhouse trial—except maybe the Sandman debacle. Do you honestly still believe in objective news? Do you really still believe Legacy Media doesn’t have an agenda? Do you seriously still believe that BLM is an innocent organization that cares about justice? You can’t possibly believe that these riots have anything to do with racism, do you?

Or do you support child rapists, smear campaigns, lawlessness, and lies?

The world needs more Rittenhouses and fewer child rapists. The world needs more volunteers to protect neighborhoods and fewer arsonists. The world needs more honesty and integrity and fewer hypocritical news anchors.

I hope Kyle pulls a Sandman and sues the ever-living hell out of every media outlet who libeled him, especially the one who actively tried to intimidate his jury. That would be the icing on the cake.