A Cure for the Common Death

How quickly I forget that my body has been restored. Even now, as my knees ache and my eyesight grows worse. It is hard to remember the Easter revelation reorients my reality, personally. I will live forever. In my bones, heart, and soul, with the return of Christ I will feel wonderful.

But I quickly forget. Because my present experience is sometimes louder than God’s promise. Even though He speaks an external word of comfort directly into my ears by preaching and teaching. Even though He acts by sending His Son into the historical timeline to raise him from the dead for all to see. Even though He pursues me with physical reminders: Christ’s body and blood put into my mouth, a daily death and resurrection through baptism, a community of saints that struggle to listen alongside of me. Even with all of that, I still forget.

But God remembers. That is the perpetual celebration of Easter that I am surrounded with, even when I forget. It has happened. God has done it. Christ is risen! For me.

Listen to the Ringside Preachers, Rev. Joel Hess, Rev. Paul Koch, and Tyler the Intern, discuss the resurrection of the body, Easter parties, Justification battles on Twitter, and the end times of the cross in the latest Ringside episode “A Cure for the Common Death.”

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