Songs that make me swell with pride, as my chest booms with every celebratory explosion in the sky. Passionate speeches and heart wrenching memories pour out of every red-blooded American. Love and brotherhood with our fellow citizen, that was by random chance born on this side of the globe. Admiration and appreciation for the soil and air we breathe on this particular continent. Defended, guarded, even pressed out beyond our borders, we join hands and voices to let our freedom ring around the world.

While I really think that the United States of America holds the best possibility for a good life on the globe, I’m afraid we are not impenetrable.  It’s a fine idea and the layout of checks and balances, Bill of Rights, and distribution of power seems just perfect. But, you see, human beings are not good.  So no matter how well we design a government or society, it eventually will fall apart. It’s not because the system isn’t great on paper. It’s because people generally are not only evil, but also not too bright.

By Bob Hiller

One of my great regrets from last year’s “Here We Still Stand Conference” (There are only 165 tickets left! I’d better get some kickback for that plug…) was not hearing Steven Paulson’s interview on the Thinking Fellows. But I understand he is quoted to have said something like, “America was designed to destroy Baptism.” I have thought a lot about that quote. It is wonderfully accurate. This country is built on free choice, self-assertion, and personal responsibility. Our philosophical contribution to the world is pragmatism. All of this is opposed by a God who chooses to save with a promise hidden in a handful of water.

By Graham Glover

I spend a lot of time on Capitol Hill these days. Sometimes I interact with Members of Congress, other times their Staffers. A lot of time I just watch. But no matter who I’m talking to or what I’m observing, the one thing that is blatantly obvious, even to the political outsider, is how divided the people are who make up this place. While our institutions aren’t broken, our people clearly are, and it’s not getting any better.

By Graham Glover

“I…do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

These words are part of the oath that every person takes upon entering or being promoted in the United States military. These are serious words that speak to the importance of the profession and the purpose for which it was created. Although the military does many things, its primary purpose is and will remain the protection and preservation of the United States of America. Or is it the protection and preservation of the United States Constitution?