Did You Think This Would Last Forever?

I think it is safe to say that most Americans have at least tasted the end of the Founders’ experiment this past year. I am not necessarily saying it is going to end today. Though it might spoil like milk soon. But it has become incredibly evident that just like your personal life, it only takes a couple bad choices and you are outside begging for your abusive boyfriend to take you back.

Most of us have grown up learning about second and third world countries living with dictators, violent political changes, and severe economic disparity. It’s easy to assume that those conditions are for less civilized countries. Let’s be honest, you probably assumed those people just aren’t smart enough to create such vast and powerful empire like the USA. As if you know what it feels like to run toward the gunfire, falling down in the sand, knowing that the Germans would kill most of you but not all of you. We do the same when we look at an individual who’s life is a mess. We believe we are a million miles away from begging on the streets.  Like the Pharisees in the gospels, we literally live in the illusion that we have nothing in common with the beggar. Well, my fellow Americans. It’s your turn.

It was only 80 years ago that well-educated progressive thinkers decided to put their trust in Der Fuhrer.  It was only 100 years ago that well-meaning atheists thought they would rule more equitably than the Tzar, so they set themselves up as the new Tzar. Smart Western Europeans on the left and the right, who strictly believed in science, murdered millions in the 20th century. Smart, but desperate, Western Europeans voted them in. 

Now we are stuck choosing between a fascist personality and a fascist party. Both seemingly wanting to remove the press, or only allow “good” press. Like our North Korean friend, one side over exaggerates every accomplishment and launches personal attacks on his enemies. Yet the opposing party doesn’t sound any different, as they attempt to impose a new Puritanism upon all speech and education. They have been practicing for years in public schools and universities. The party of Lady Gaga will not tolerate your nuanced arguments or complicated solutions!

Let’s rip off the bumper stickers. Education does not make the world better. It only produces iPhones to watch Megan Thee Stallion talk about her lady parts. So now what’s your solution to creating a more perfect union? We literally have been handed down incredible resources and opportunities unlike any other society in the world. Yet we are humbled by a virus and are about to trade our fears for tyranny: whoever you are voting for. 

The good news is that like all political observations and scientific discoveries the times are once again vindicating what God says about man.  “No one is good. No not one,” St. Paul writes in Romans chapter 3. 

But that’s ok! You really should have known that from your first date to the prom or when you first pointed your self-righteous finger at your enemy. 

Let go of hope in your vote, mankind, political party, or politician.  It’s ok. They will always let you down even on a sunny day and a scrumptious layout of Chick-fil-A.  You can let go of those hopes because God has something better for you: His Son on the cross for Cardi B, Whoopi Goldberg, Donald Trump and you!

Get on your knees, son of man! Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ is coming again. And there is nothing that you can do about it! God loves your sorry ass.