By Joel A Hess

Please don’t get me wrong. The outcome of elections does matter to the poor, the middle class, the unborn, and the young ladies often put under pressure to abort. It matters to the protection of the innocent and the punishment of wrongdoers. It matters to the establishment of good order in our society. So vote, get involved in your community, and serve your neighbor.

By Joel A. Hess

Although it has died down since the Donald took office, many prominent Christians and Christian organizations have been on a crusade to preserve the First Amendment in this country. No doubt, it has been under assault over the last 10 years as Hollywood and despotic judges have been on a Marxist-like campaign to force businesses, individuals and even churches to conform to their new puritanical morality concerning same-sex relationships, abortion, contraception, etc. Recently, the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod established an office in Washington to join their much bigger cousin’s campaign.

By Tim Winterstein

From February 2–9, the Spokane International Film Festival celebrated its twentieth year, holding screenings of documentary and narrative features, as well as shorts blocks from around the world, including a Best of the Northwest program featuring local filmmakers. The festival opened with Benny and Joon, a 1993 film that was set and made in Spokane, which—I’m somewhat ashamed to admit—I had never seen.

By Graham Glover

At some point next month, Congress will begin putting together a budget (or at least a continuing resolution. They don’t seem keen on passing actual budgets these days). As that conversation gets started, there will likely be a lively debate on taxes. Specifically, how much the Federal Government should tax individual and business incomes, profits, etc. I look forward to that debate and hope there is some meaningful dialogue on whether tax rates should be adjusted, and if so, how and why.