By Cindy Koch

It was only 6:15 in the morning when the radio clicked on in the dark, cold car. “49 confirmed dead, but that number will surely rise…” It took my breath away to hear the first audible voice of the day speaking about such horrific events that had passed as our night broke into daylight. Suddenly radio screams and tap-tap-tap gunshots pierced our sickly curious silence. Right in the middle of our daily drive to the gym, tragedy stretched it’s sting across the airwaves – and without parental permission, it touched my family car.

By Scott Keith

When the disciples of Christ Jesus asked him how to pray, he gave a somewhat uncharacteristically forthright answer. He uttered the words for them to repeat in what has come to be known as the Lord’s Prayer. From that time forward, the Lord’s Prayer has been a staple of catechetical instruction when one Christian attempts to teach another Christian the “basics” of the Christian faith. Accordingly, Martin Luther included this surprisingly simple prayer in his Small Catechism, along with a few questions and answers for the young to memorize, contemplate, and hopefully, one day, make an organic part of who they are in their Christian faith. Thus, Luther begins his section on the Lord’s Prayer by giving an exhortation to the “Head of the House,” and simply listing the text of the prayer.

By Ross Engel

When tragedy strikes, the thing to do these days is to start a hash tag campaign. It is short, easy to do, and takes no effort or action on the part of the individual. By posting with the right hash tag, everyone else who is using the same hash tag knows that you stand in solidarity with them. Some events even come with their own background pictures that you can use to change your social media profile picture to really show your support. One of the best things about a hash tag campaign is that the folks that don’t know about it or don’t use the hash tag, are an opportunity for the hash tag user to tout some moral superiority, even if they aren’t actually doing what has been hash tagged. Seriously, how many people actually are praying for whatever it is they’ve hash tagged?

By Joyce L. C. Keith –

My courageous wife, Joy (husband to Pappy, mom of three, and grandmother of one), has decided to join in the fray and weigh in with her own blog post this week. I love her little post. She originally entitled it “Wish, Hope, or Pray?” But, her post makes me think of that M. C. Hammer song, so I renamed it “That’s Why We Pray”! I hope you enjoy Joy’s contribution to The Jagged Word!

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