Pray for Barack

By Graham Glover

Barack Obama

Pray for our president. Pray for him by name. Pray that God would watch over, protect, and lead him. Pray for him daily. Pray for him without reservation.

Don’t like President Obama? Doesn’t matter. Didn’t vote for him? Who cares? He’s our president and is worthy of our prayers.

I don’t know my Commander in Chief. I have never met him. He says that he is a Christian. Some think otherwise. But no matter what you feel of his politics and regardless of your thoughts on his confession of faith, Barack Obama should constantly be lifted up in prayer by all those Americans who believe in God.


Is he a sinner? Absolutely. Is he a saint? Anyone who confesses Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God, most certainly is.

Barack Obama has sinned against God just like you and I. Barack Obama’s sins can be forgiven just like yours and mine. He is a sinner, whose wretched transgressions are worthy of God’s eternal wrath. He is a saint, whose faith in Christ makes him perfectly righteous before the Lord.

Yes, our president is a sinner and a saint, and he is one that is in need of our prayers. So pray for him. And do so gladly.

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Pray for him because such prayers indicate that you take the 4th commandment seriously. You acknowledge and respect the office that Barack Obama holds and as such are compelled to pray for him. Your personal politics – your personal piety, is meaningless in this regard. Our Lord has placed Barack Obama in the White House and the office he holds deserves our unwavering support. You and I, filled with our own sinful thoughts, words, and deeds, are called to pray that God would guide Barack Obama as he serves the American people.

Pray for him because you know this is what the church does. It prays for our leaders. It prays for our nation. It prays for our military. It prays for good government. It prays for peace. It prays for these things – these things that our president is intimately involved with on a daily basis. So, to pray for him is to simply do the things of the church.


Pray that Barack Obama would hear the Law of God. Pray that Barack Obama would hear the Gospel of Christ. Pray that this man, as with all men, would confess the full counsel of God. Pray that his faith would be strengthened, even as ours is in daily need.

Pray, as our Lord teaches us to pray – for the sinner and the saint, the godly and the ungodly, those that unite us as well as those that divide us. Pray these things with a pure heart, a heart that is bound to sin and alive in forgiveness.

Pray for him my fellow sinners. Pray for him my fellow saints. Pray for our president, Barack Obama.