By Jeff Pulse

The Old Testament text for this Sunday, January 7, 2018, is from the first book of Kings. The text is I Kings 3:4-15, which brings us the familiar story of young King Solomon and his request for wisdom from the LORD God. There are a few things of note which should be mentioned before we begin with the grammar of these verses. First, this account takes place before the building of the Jerusalem Temple (vs. 2; see also chapter 6), so it is not a violation of the Law for Solomon to offer sacrifices at the great high place in Gibeon. Second, it is important to note that the reason the Hebrews offered sacrifices on the high places (or under large trees) was directly connected to their cosmology of the world—heaven was up, Sheol was down, and the earth was between them. So, by going up to the high places they were coming closer to God.