America Isn’t Broken

By Graham Glover


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

America ain’t broke. So stop trying to fix her.

Seriously. America isn’t broken. Politicians suggest otherwise, along with pundits, commentators, columnists, bloggers, and just about anyone else who discusses current affairs.

But America isn’t broken. She is the envy of the ages and despite a few flaws that certainly should be addressed, she is the strongest and most resilient nation in the world. Economically, militarily, culturally, religiously, etc., nobody holds a candle to America.

Why, though, does everyone think America is broken? Why, with every “crisis” and every election do we hear: now is the time to fix our nation? “It’s time to take our country back!” our candidates proclaim. “This is the most important election of our lifetime,” they exclaim. “If we don’t do something now to address this crisis…” goes the refrain at every apparent catastrophe.


I’m not suggesting America is perfect. She’s far from it. Our nation has several issues that deserve careful and immediate attention. But America is far from broken.

Economically, we are leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else. We have the strongest economy in the world which will only continue to get stronger in the years ahead. Nobody can compete with the American worker or consumer. Nobody. China, Europe, and other nations/conglomerates occasionally try to make a move towards superiority, but they have and will continue to fail. Their economic systems are inherently flawed. Their workforce is depleting at a rate much faster than our baby-boomers. And their bureaucracies make our Congress look like they know what they are doing. America also has a geographic land mass that will yield us food and energy for generations to come. With an eye towards pragmatic environmental conservation, America has every resource she needs. There is no need to fear that we are short on these things. None whatsoever. I acknowledge there are and will be bumps along the road, with significant consequences for many Americans, but with an economic machine that continues to grow even in these comparatively lean economic times, America will remain the lone superpower in our world. Debates about tax rates, insurance plans, entitlement spending and other issues are important, but they are hardly the things that will stop the American economy.

This economic machine works in large part because of the might of the American military. Here our strength is even more incredible. We control the waterways of the world which allow us to export and import the goods and services America wants and needs. There is no Navy that is even in the ballpark of the American arsenal. Our Army and our Marines will destroy any force that ever sets foot on our soil, especially with the aerial protection of our Air Force. Put the Armed Forces of every other nation in the world together with sights on invading our country and I doubt they last a day against the force of the American Warrior. This is not to say that terrorism is an insignificant concern. These vigilantes must not be taken lightly. They will strike at everything America stands for until their death. The only thing they serve is their false god and their barbaric ideology, which will never surrender. America must continue to fight these tyrants, even if it takes centuries to rid them from their menace to civilized society. But this fight has nothing to do with the strength of the American military. It is in a league of its own. Nobody can match our might. Nobody can fight us and win. Our borders are safe, due in part to two oceans that buffer us, but primarily to a military that has defended the cause of liberty in this land and throughout the world for the past 70 years. Again, we may be in lean times, with an ever shrinking force, but the American military still rules.


Culturally and religiously we hear cries of doom and gloom. By the claims of some, you would think we are on the verge of a societal meltdown. Look, in principle I agree with those who are rightly concerned about the narcissistic and hedonistic attitude that is condoned by many in our nation. Not only are the laws of nature continually ignored, they are condemned as backwards and insensitive. Those who support traditional morality are increasingly looked at as social abnormalities. This is problematic not only for those of us who think there are eternal rights and wrongs, but for all those who now accept, embrace, and advocate on behalf of sin. Yet even so, America is still one of the most religious nations in the world. Our places of worship are some of the most populated on the planet each week. As a Christian, I am still free to worship the Christ and proclaim His forgiveness to my neighbor. This is not the case in every country. Moreover, Americans give of their time and talent to those in need in quantity and quality that is unmatched. We might be heading in the wrong direction, but America has overcome much worse cultural transgressions in her past. And we must never forget that what the government does or says has nothing to do with the power of the Word of God. Our Lord’s Church will reign, even when she is attacked and vilified, perhaps even more so. Our pews may not be as full as they once were. Our leaders may shy from publicly embracing what God has revealed to be true. But the power of the Holy Spirit is still here. He is still at work. And He isn’t going anywhere. Ever.

Take a step back people. America ain’t broke. Not even close.