Who Needs ISIS? We Can Destroy Civilization All By Ourselves, Thank You Very Much

By Joel Hess


Time and time again after an atrocity caused by terrorism, such as the recent mass killing in Paris, our Western political leaders make some sort of fiery declaration about how we can’t let the extremists destroy our way of life.

Last week Senator Rubio declared the war on terrorism as a war between civilizations. France’s president corrected him by pointing out that the terrorists do not represent any civilization. Many of us may agree. The terrorists do not behave like civilized human beings, but more like animals. And of course, the West is the pinnacle of civilization.

While I am all for defeating terrorism because I love my neighbor as myself, no matter who it is or how civilized they are, I’m not sure I can buy in to the “preserving our way of life” argument that both Rubio and President Hollande promote. We are increasingly becoming a civilization not worth defending in and of itself! Or I should say we are increasingly losing our right to call ourselves a civilization at all.


This past week I became aware that my kids have school events scheduled for every Wednesday of Advent. I’m not a puritan. I have no problem if once in a while there is an interference between a school event and a church event. I’m a good participating citizen and encourage my members to be the same. But every Wednesday?! And for what? The elementary holiday program usually consists of poorly done performances celebrating banal “holiday” themes. I would much rather listen to them recite Marx or perform the play, “Waiting for Godot”. No, I’m not joking. This is what I’m fighting to preserve? A numbed and dumbed down culture? No thanks.

The West’s heroes are people who play heroes on T.V. America humiliated women all over the globe by naming someone who is not a woman at all as woman of the year. We have raised children who no longer can handle conflict in life. They can no longer argue for or against ideas, but instead demand to be protected from ideas they don’t like. We are raising barbarians, maybe the worst kind of barbarians – weak and boring ones.

Meanwhile people freak about illegal immigrants, Syrian refugees, and ISIS plots that might destroy our way of life. Guess what? There isn’t anything here anymore to destroy. Don’t talk to me about freedom. Freedom is just another word for “nothing left to lose.” The enemy is within. It is us.


Rome finally fell to the Barbarians long ago. But it’s not like it was a big war. The Barbarians were already inside Rome! They had already taken over. The Barbarians today are not the immigrants and refugees, or the terrorists. We are the Barbarians! We don’t need to wait for the Taliban to blow up our historical monuments and cultural treasures. We are doing it regularly through our schools, pop culture, and pursuit of the leisure life. We tear down the study of logic, we no longer teach Plato, we run away from any talk of any religion as if it has no place in an enlightened civilized society. Instead we teach a new religion that is based on one basic belief – we are animals. If we finally succumb to that truth we will treat each other like animals. Yet it has already begun as we kill the weakest among us in the name of compassion.

I’m not in any way calling for a return to a Christian society. Nor am I putting the blame for our crumbling society on atheism. I would rather hang out with a bunch of atheists than people whose gods are Hollywood stars and football heroes, as they pass their life away without reflection or examination playing Xbox.

The war is over between civilization and Barbarians. The Barbarians won some time ago. We are they. Welcome to the Dark Ages.

Come, Lord Jesus.


6 thoughts on “Who Needs ISIS? We Can Destroy Civilization All By Ourselves, Thank You Very Much

  1. You make astute points about our fallen world, about the stain of sin infecting our society and culture. But to be fair to historical accuracy, it was the same in Biblical times, and going forward to the present….” Wars, rumors of wars, conflicts, immorality….in all civilizations and cultures. In the area in which I live now, upstate New York about 15 miles south of Saratoga Springs, there are beautiful meadows and rolling hills, farms, and the Hudson River, as well as the historic Mohawk Valley. The beauty I see here on the way to the Albany malls were once the scene of horrific bloodletting. In the era of the French and Indian War, the Revolutionary War, and for decades after, the area was hostile and beset by constant conflicts over land and resources. Powerful Iroquois tribes oppressed and warred against other tribes of native Americans. Some Indian tribes sided with the French, others allied with the British. Half of the population supported King George during the Revolution, while the other half fought for the patriotic cause. Native Americans fought on both sides, some fought against all whites regardless of ethnicity. Some people, as the Palatine German Lutherans, tried to remain neutral, a difficult task. During the Revolution, vengeance resulted in horrible atrocities committed as Patriots and loyalists destroyed one another’s farms and killed each other. The world is customarily violent. However, as we lament the way out civilization has declined, we must still realistically face and defeat ISIS and radical Islam, which would fill the world with even more barbarism. As Christians, we need to pray and act to defend what is good, and confront evil.


  2. That’s pretty cynical. It’s hard to imagine comparing the ignorant knuckleheads we hold dear in our society up next to the crazy, murdering, savages of radical Islam. You talk like you have no fight in you for what is good and right. I think you’ll find that we are messed up in this society mostly because of that very attitude. People that know better should work harder for what’s good. Maybe, just maybe, the ignorance can be pushed back and the evil things set way back.


    1. i am currently very cynical regarding the west’s future. i am far more bothered by the enemy within our culture than radical islam. hollywood has done and will do far more damage to the West than isis.
      the fight that is left in me is teaching the Faith in my community and supporting the teaching of the Faith throughout the globe. however, the framework of a civilized society has been irreversibly destroyed. and that’s ok for where all human structures – even virtuous and good ones – are demolished trust in God’s never changing Word shines all the more brightly. i am not cynical at all regarding the God’s mission and His mustard seed church. these are great times to be a part of His ministry.


      1. Hollywood, etc. is rotten to the core, for sure. Still, ISIS wants to kill you, destroy everyone who thinks like you, and enslave your family, at best. Maybe the damage is not yet done, but they are trying very hard to carry that out. Hollywood, etc. is just ignorant and depraved. As for the rest of the world, if you trust God at all to know what he’s doing with what he created and loves, the world must be defended with the truth and not just cynical and philosophical half-truth.

        As for John F., he said one thing that you seem to agree with, and then tagged the truth on the end like an afterthought. “As Christians, we need to pray and act to defend what is good, and confront evil.” None of that other stuff could do that.


      2. Actually, you should fear ISIS more than the depravity of Hollywood values and the culture. When the church underwent Roman persecution, and during the barbaric invasions of the Mongols, the Turks, both Christians and unbelievers alike shared the horror. We will always have depravity in all societies, as no perfect time or place exists. The taint of sin was found even in the places set aside for holiness….as in the monasteries…..so our brother Martin Luther observed. However, in the matter of threats to our very survival, and to your own children, grandchildren, relatives, friends, and fellow countrymen and women…the ISIS threat is ghoulish and cannot be confronted with anything less than force. Words and peaceful gestures did not sway the Huns, or the Mongols, or the Jihadists. It is their religious ideology which motivates them to kill Christians, Jews, apostate Muslims, and others. True, our society is almost post Christian at this point, however, we all know there are still millions of believing Christians across America. There is no sense in allowing cynicism to paralyze us, and we must face the future with courage and remain faithful to the Lord.


  3. Example of what the author is writing about: The comedy, Big Bang Theory, which many parents probably find funny and harmless is affecting how children view origins and whether there is a God.


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