By Cindy Koch –

Imagine a world where the tensions and distinctions between man and woman have disappeared. No longer would we be categorized by the body parts with which we have been born, rather our individuality would transcend the gender lines. Spaces and places, clubs and classes, jobs and chores, all the formerly sexist separations would fade into a past immature ignorance. Our world would be a very different place.

Bathrooms and other private segregated places would be now a place of freedom. Since we have crossed the line of secrets and shame, boys and girls no longer have anything to hide. Showers and toilets are just another social adventure. We will start training our young ones to be “comfortable” with others in these seemingly awkward situations, because this is now the world in which they must grow and thrive. Preschools through high schools will tear down the walls between their pink and blue restrooms to reflect the new code of genderless living.

Yet, as any five-year-old will point out, boys and girls ARE different. Even though our intentions have risen above our prison of flesh, the annoying biology of reality remains. But don’t worry, my enlightened comrades, the next generation of parents will not be deterred. To ensure a happy and un-confused genderless childhood, a simple surgery for children will emerge. It will be as quick and painless as an infant’s circumcision, but the doctor will just take a little more off the top. That way, our children will grow up in a better world, with a better life, free from gender.


It’s not as far off as you might think. Even our sluggishly progressive society of today works smoothly in the business of castrating our men; whether it’s physically to control our family size or emotionally to control their chauvinistic desires. Our women, too, have found comfort and ease in suppressing the feminine; being hormones, or clothing, or their mothering nature. We are have adequately prepared our younger generation for the next level of genderless living. Imagine the advancements we will achieve, the focus we will have, if only we solved the age-old battle of the sexes. Our young people who presently possess their original genitals understand only how use it to their own detriment. If only emotional sex and unwanted children could be avoided! We have ascended to believe the consequences of gender classification simply get in the way of our achievement, individuality, and harmony.

Of course, there will always be the caste that will not be privileged to live as the genderless. Out of necessity, for the continuation of the human race, they will provide the infants who will become the following generation. However, these unreflective parents will still desire the better life for the babies of Generation “Pat”. Children will be sent to the genderless daycares and schools, raised with the careful genderless tongue, provided with a safe genderless job. These young sons and daughters will be paralyzed with happiness, equality, comfort, and safety in our genderless utopia.


However, there will always be that fringe group who speaks out against such a balanced, genderless world. They make outrageous claims that men and women should remain different and distinct. They do not trust the impartial lust of our perfected world. They foolishly say that strength is found in an identity (and gender) received. This gathering of skeptics actually encourages men and women to live uniquely, to be servants to one another, and to believe the Word of Another about their purpose on this earth.

But in our genderless paradise, we will all be as free as ever. No one to impose expectations, no one to tell us about the inappropriate. Our own construction of our identity will be the only thing that matters. We will be given the opportunity to follow the politically correct passions of our heart. We will be masters of our own creation.


4 thoughts on “Genderless

  1. A “genderless” society, berift of biological differences and roles, has always been the goal of progressives. I suppose they have made huge inroads in making it possible for their fantasy. I grew up in a time when men were men and women were women, and the neutered American male was a futuristic vision of the feminist Nazi writers of the sixties. However, as the European and Western Progressives have smugly advanced their agenda, they have managed to reduce the utopian progressive population through the advocacy of abortion on demand, for any reason, and even up to late term. And as the choice to have maybe one, maybe two, maybe no children became the mantra of women’s new found freedom…well the demographics and values have begun to be noticed by those progressives who do not have their heads in the clouds as the rest of them. The simple fact of demographics changes everything. Billions of Muslims and other migrant cultures are growing steadily….and they don’t give a twit about a gendeless culture. In fact, women in these societies are not told to be to fond of Western feminist ideas. They also still have large families. They say the climate “corrects” itself in many of earth’s cycles of growth and destruction, times of storms and calm. People are programmed to be both intelligent and loving, and also beastly. The human race goes forward, then steps back, then goes forward again, and repeats the cycle. Our country, in my view, is being tried and even the best efforts of progressives to evangelize us into the genderless utopia they envision will ultimately fail. Demographics will change America and Europe to the dismay of the dreamers.


  2. Personally, I stood against churches opening daycare centers to support the world in sending mothers to work and employing young women to care for other people’s children. Double income families are price drivers and drivers of social expectation. Not to mention the simple fact that watering down the workforce causes both a creation of superfluous and resource consuming jobs and lower wages for men – it’s all economic law and common sense. But the church did not listen – we must accommodate the world. The LCMS is as guilty as any. Then there’s the fight for pre-school and the need to send sick kids to school because, if mom has to work because we no longer provide living wages, someone has to watch the kids. Lost that battle on all fronts because the church needed to accommodate the world and won’t preach family structure from the pulpit. Need I go in to the number of divorcees in the parish? I grew up without it. Guess that crushes the opportunity to teach marriage. Even Christians are teaching their sons and daughters to cohabit and establish themselves and think of material security, first. The surrender is on both sides of the church doors. We dare not say something politically incorrect against the capitalist system we live under or the conservatives who support it to the detriment of the poor and the destruction of family, No. It is only the liberals we can attack if not overtly from the pulpit, then by subtle hint. Because, you know we cannot be godly and think that people ought to be paid a proper wage and that the rich are simply too rich and control simply too much and just are not a good thing for the world to have. We just make the eye of the needle bigger for the rich and make sure it closes on the needy.

    Genderlessness is being driven by desire for satisfaction. we’ve been taught to be satisfied, to be happy, get what we want, to be whatever we want without regard to calling or vocation. That’s what America means to most people and our church has proudly flown the flag up front since WWII and the need to prove we were not German sympathizers. We have folks thinking Cold War anonymous god statements in the pledge and on money are the stuff of founding fathers. We’re as brainwashed as everyone else and we emasculate and de-feminize as well as the outside world because we accommodate it.

    On the other hand, I don’t respect men, like my father, who are proud never to have changed a diaper and can’t cook a meal. Sorry, I was boy scout – cooked my meals and sewed on my own badges (you know, they give the kids badge holders, now, becasue neither the kids nor the parents can use a needle and thread!). In my life, I hunt, fish, camp, climb, bike, do carpentry and any handyman things that need to be done, landscaping, fix the cars. But, my wife can’t iron a shirt well or use a sewing machine, I can. So, I’ve made the curtains. I took care of my kids alongside her. I also knit. Winters you’ll find me in the living room with a pipe and book or a pipe and my knitting, both are possible. I also cook, very well. My wife is wonderful in the kitchen, too, but I also take to open fire and pits. So, I cross traditional lines, in many ways. But all my ways are capable, creative and caring. That’s what a man should be so people can rely on him for whatever they need.

    We’ve also survived on a single, full-time income for 26 years of marriage, in NJ where cheap houses not in kill zones start at $200K. The consequence is that we live more day-to-day, live near family, stay in the culture we’ve always known, have only taken 4 vacations in that 26 year span, and have fewer things than our peers. It isn’t the American dream but it is a good life. We have what we need and make the most of it.


  3. If wishes were horses, we’d all ride for free.

    As is typical, the world will see (whether in 20 years or 200 years) that the gender-less utopia is a myth.

    There are secular voices even now proclaiming that this experiment is a bad idea. Once the chickens come home to roost, my guess is that the number of dissenters will increase. As a society, we will either listen to them, or we’ll watch it all crumble, not strictly because of the new gender-less myth, but that will be part of the equation.

    Another sad part of this new ethos is that it does not encourage men to step up and take control of their family’s future. If I can send my wife to work part-time, I don’t need to do the necessary work for that promotion or career change. My wife can do the work for me. Wow, talk about chivalry being dead!


    1. Taking control of your family is not about what you do as an employee, what you do at work, how close your nose is to the grindstone, or even how good you are in business. I know folks whose fathers owned companies but spent little time at home. The money was great, mom was June Cleaver, the kids were unhappy. Time with family, being at the table, teaching, showing them how to do things, listening, reading to them – all these things outweigh money and are the proper place for husband and father.

      If anything, corporate employment is part of the emasculation. It does not allow a man to be husband and father unless the man is willing to limit what he brings home and forgoes the promotion. Fathers and husbands belong home every night, not on planes and in hotels. They belong home for dinner, not at late meetings or at “business” meals. When they are out, it should be social and with others of like mind. We need this. If I make any exception, it would be fore those who have other’s lives in the balance and higher callings – clergy, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, military – it’s a short list.

      If that means your family’s future is on less solid economic footing with respect to society, prices, what the market demands, then so be it. Those things are not our future and should not dictate to us or even guide us. We should actually move to change them, put them in their place as our servants, not our masters. They have no moral authority and they do not recommend proper ways to live.

      Men can also not abuse and divorce their wives at the rate they are doing so and couples should not separate as often as they do. In marriage, people have to enter knowing that failure is not an option and when things are for the worse, they need to endure, not give up, because the romance went out of it, today. Marriage is more complicated and more rewarding work than any employment or any business venture. Yet, people insist on keeping it transactional and evaluate it on cost-benefit.


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