By Cindy Koch –

Imagine a world where the tensions and distinctions between man and woman have disappeared. No longer would we be categorized by the body parts with which we have been born, rather our individuality would transcend the gender lines. Spaces and places, clubs and classes, jobs and chores, all the formerly sexist separations would fade into a past immature ignorance. Our world would be a very different place.

Bathrooms and other private segregated places would be now a place of freedom. Since we have crossed the line of secrets and shame, boys and girls no longer have anything to hide. Showers and toilets are just another social adventure. We will start training our young ones to be “comfortable” with others in these seemingly awkward situations, because this is now the world in which they must grow and thrive. Preschools through high schools will tear down the walls between their pink and blue restrooms to reflect the new code of genderless living.

Yet, as any five-year-old will point out, boys and girls ARE different. Even though our intentions have risen above our prison of flesh, the annoying biology of reality remains. But don’t worry, my enlightened comrades, the next generation of parents will not be deterred. To ensure a happy and un-confused genderless childhood, a simple surgery for children will emerge. It will be as quick and painless as an infant’s circumcision, but the doctor will just take a little more off the top. That way, our children will grow up in a better world, with a better life, free from gender.


It’s not as far off as you might think. Even our sluggishly progressive society of today works smoothly in the business of castrating our men; whether it’s physically to control our family size or emotionally to control their chauvinistic desires. Our women, too, have found comfort and ease in suppressing the feminine; being hormones, or clothing, or their mothering nature. We are have adequately prepared our younger generation for the next level of genderless living. Imagine the advancements we will achieve, the focus we will have, if only we solved the age-old battle of the sexes. Our young people who presently possess their original genitals understand only how use it to their own detriment. If only emotional sex and unwanted children could be avoided! We have ascended to believe the consequences of gender classification simply get in the way of our achievement, individuality, and harmony.

Of course, there will always be the caste that will not be privileged to live as the genderless. Out of necessity, for the continuation of the human race, they will provide the infants who will become the following generation. However, these unreflective parents will still desire the better life for the babies of Generation “Pat”. Children will be sent to the genderless daycares and schools, raised with the careful genderless tongue, provided with a safe genderless job. These young sons and daughters will be paralyzed with happiness, equality, comfort, and safety in our genderless utopia.


However, there will always be that fringe group who speaks out against such a balanced, genderless world. They make outrageous claims that men and women should remain different and distinct. They do not trust the impartial lust of our perfected world. They foolishly say that strength is found in an identity (and gender) received. This gathering of skeptics actually encourages men and women to live uniquely, to be servants to one another, and to believe the Word of Another about their purpose on this earth.

But in our genderless paradise, we will all be as free as ever. No one to impose expectations, no one to tell us about the inappropriate. Our own construction of our identity will be the only thing that matters. We will be given the opportunity to follow the politically correct passions of our heart. We will be masters of our own creation.