Emperor for the Day

By Graham Glover

What would you do? If you were “Emperor for the Day” – completely in charge of all things for 24 hours, how would you change the United States? (Or would you do nothing at all?!)

Would your concern be primarily a domestic one? Maybe military/foreign affairs? Or perhaps it would be a cultural issue that you think needs immediate attention.

You’ve got 24 hours and total control. You can do whatever you want. Your political reach has no end. And whatever you do cannot be undone. It’s the law of the land.

So what will it be? What is the single most important issue/thing you would address?


Maybe it wouldn’t be an issue. As Emperor, you could decree who will take over as leader of these great United States after your day-long tenure is over. You could bypass the 2016 election altogether and choose who you want to be the leader of the free world. Who would it be?

Or, maybe you wouldn’t concern yourself with a political issue. Instead of changing a law or enacting a new one you would use your powers for other purposes. If so, what would you do? And more importantly, why would you do it?

Most of us who talk about politics often mention how we would change things if we were in charge. So, for arguments sake, I’m giving you that authority. You are in charge. Now make your change(s) and tell us why!