America Is and Will Remain Great

By Graham Glover

We still have a long way to go in the 2016 election cycle. We may think we know who the party’s nominees are, but if there is anything this election has proven, it is that this year is entirely unpredictable. I suggest you get comfortable and fasten your seatbelt, because there are a lot of twists and turns yet to come this election year. Nobody knows what America will wake up to on November 9th. Nobody. All we know is that anything and everything is within the realm of possibility.

We can, however, say with absolute certainty that we’re going to hear a lot over the next several months about how America is broken. Candidates of both parties, running for a variety of offices, are going to try to scare us into thinking that unless something drastic is done – unless we elect them – our nation is doomed. Slogans like, “Make America Great Again”, will continue to drown out the rhetoric of 2016, and I don’t just have in mind the campaign of a certain “businessman” seeking the Oval Office. The idea that somehow our country is on the verge of catastrophe, that this is the most important election in our lifetime, will, if it hasn’t already, become commonplace on the political stump.

But this idea is absurd. The thought that America is broken has no basis in reality. America is and will remain great, even if November 9th proves to be the beginning of an administration nobody ever dreamed possible.


Is American fallible? Of course. Should our nation continue to address and debate how to improve our economy and strategically position ourselves in a very volatile world? Without question. But do we need to make America great again? No way. America is already the greatest nation on earth and will remain this way for generations to come.

Some of my peers, to include clergy, Soldiers, and businessmen, think that America is on the brink. They point to the two leading candidates of each party and say that neither is up to the task of leading the free world. For differing reasons, they have little faith in either the Democrats or Republicans. They are afraid of the electorate and the results that they will deliver us in November.

But I differ from the naysayers. I’ll grant that this election is like no other. I’m still trying to figure out why the primaries are unfolding as they are. I’m not thrilled with my choices and have no idea who I will vote for this fall. I’m the quintessential “undecided” voter.

But I believe in America. I believe that, despite the emotions of the electorate, the rhetoric of our politicians, and the turbulence of our times, our nation will persevere. Our democratic republic is far from perfect, but we remain the best thing going. No other nation, and no other form of government comes close to offering what America does. Things may be a bit hazy. Politics as we know it may be transforming before our eyes. But the genius of America remains great. Of this, there is no debate.


7 thoughts on “America Is and Will Remain Great

  1. It’s interesting to me that with the recent surge in job growth it is well known that more than 50 million are worse off than they were before the recession, and most of that decline has happened in the inner city and largely affected African-Americans. While I don’t share your optimism Graham, we ARE still the greatest nation on earth, but I really don’t care if we are. No matter what the church under Christ has persevered and Jesus said we will always have the poor. I believe that includes the poor materially and the poor spiritually. In my community I am eternally grateful to God that a community that was largely segregated into the 70’s is now finding a way under the Blood of Christ, to focus on what matters the most. Our mission is immune to prosperity or the lack there of, because we will always be sinners that need to be saved, and that we can all unite under.

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    1. Marc, agreed: the “success” of America means little in the grand scheme of things. If our nation failed tomorrow, I, along with you and all the saints, remain just as hopeful in the promise of forgiveness and grace that we have in Christ. To Him be the glory, regardless of which nation is the “greatest”.


  2. We should want the best for our land and indeed there are reasons to be patriotic, but we need to remember sin abounds in all nations past and present. In our history, read soberly and with objectivity, we can see times and seasons when our leaders made bad choices, when they were upright, and when we were not. Blind patriotism is no virtue. The lessons of history are filled with bloodshed and misery in all nations, and America is no exception. Our future is tied to the collective moral direction we choose, and whether our leadership walks upright…and God who is long suffering will not restrain His hand of correction and judgment should we continue on our present path. Abortion for convenience has killed 57 million unborn Americans in 40 years. Our foreign entanglements in the Mideast and the policies of past and present administrations have been neither wise nor effective. We made some problems worse. Our national morals and media driven promiscuity have declined our spiritual lives as a people. Our political system is in shambles and has been corrupted in many quarters. I love our country as well as the next guy, but I cannot be blind to the negative changes I see around me. To turn our land around, we need Godly wisdom, and without a moral compass, we shall perish as all great empires of the past.


  3. I’m with you ole’ sagacious mentor! Our greatness won’t last forever, but I’m not convinced that King T or Madam C can totally unravel it all in a term or two. Still, having typed that, I cringe at the prospects of just how much damage could be done!

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  4. I’m glad for your optimism. Wish I could be that way,but I am more pessimistic. I believe that America is in a steep moral decline;but that has been going on at least since the 1960’s. I know that morals doesn’t bring any individual to the truth of Christ,but the Law does help preserve a society. Yes America is great. I hope that for the sake of my children and grand children it continues to be so. That being said,our real hope is in Christ and His Kingdom. Even so come Lord Jesus.


  5. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree we are a blest nation with a Governmentbthat has built in Checks and Balances. Regardless of who becomes thevPresident, I trust that Congress and the Courts are in place to insure that the Executive Power will be restrained as well as the President will veto any legislation not good for the country and the courts will insure all are treated fairly under the law ! Do I LK,e howvtjings are playing out? NO! But the system is in place toms sure liberty and justice for all as we travel down the path of history.

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