When Logic Fails, Might Makes Right; Welcome to the Future of Amerika

By Joel A Hess

When logic is no longer used to determine what is right, might is right.

Many are flabbergasted by the rise of Donald Trump. They can’t believe he says what he says and gets away with it. More than that, his harsh tone and outlandish Jerry Springer Show campaign only increases his popularity! Predictably, the knee jerk reaction by people who believe they have a right to never be offended by anyone is to protest – not argue – and sometimes violently. “Use your words,” our mothers used to say.

I don’t like where any of this is going. Voting for the Donald is like going shopping at the grocery store while hungry. It feels good at the time, but the next day you’ll wonder why you have 3 jars of pickled eggs in the cupboard. He’s an overreaction. But I get it. Many in this country are angry and feel disenfranchised. Their frustration is mocked by the left while the right seems to undergo some sort of castration when they are voted in.

Ultimately what lies behind our yelling and violence is that what our momma told us no longer works. We can’t use our words. Words don’t mean anything! There is no way to communicate disagreements anymore. Logic is not allowed on campuses and it’s not taught in schools or homes. It’s not allowed because its offensive. The truth can be like that. It doesn’t really care about feelings.


Citizens are no longer allowed to argue their point of view no matter how calmly and logically because it may offend someone. And if there is any right the left is willing to die for, it is the right to not be offended. Also, with the rise of quick one-liner social media, many people don’t have the patience to even listen to a full argument before they get bored or just say, “Well, that’s your opinion.” Yet perhaps the true cancer of today’s discourse lies in our inability to even agree upon the rules of logic itself. We can’t even agree on whether or not a person with a penis is a male!

When there is no longer an agreement upon the rules of argument, let alone when a society no longer teachers the rules of argument, there is no way to determine what is right except by yelling louder and eventually hitting harder.

Donald Trump is the product of a group of people who have grown tired of polite political correctness that has robbed this country of good ol’ debate about ideas. He’s not a good product. His yelling matches the yelling of the left that has come down to us through absurd supreme court rulings and polite concentration camp soldiers working for Planned Parenthood.

Things are falling apart. You’ve seen nothing yet! And it’s not because God was removed from the schools. It’s because logic has been removed from the schools. God have mercy on us!


5 thoughts on “When Logic Fails, Might Makes Right; Welcome to the Future of Amerika

  1. “Donald Trump is the product of a group of people who have grown tired of polite political correctness that has robbed this country of good ol’ debate about ideas.”

    Last time I checked, the country had two debates, 2008 and 2012. The Democrats won. But in spite of that, the Republicans were successful in protecting the top 5% with even lower taxes, but to the chagrin, no trickle down..again. But while draining the treasury, now the GOP is coming after your Social Security and Medicare. The working class should be angry. The politicians they thought were for them were and still are not.


  2. You make a claim that argument has gone the way of the dinosaurs, yet pepper your article with irrelevant swipes at what you understand to be the evils of Democrats and people who dont share your values. I agree with stated premises that argument, logical reasoning, and to some extent freedom of expression is in bad shape right now. Frankly, your post does a good job of illustrating that.


  3. Yelling from the right:

    1) Money = Speech (Citizens United)
    2) The well-regulated militia clause of the Second Amendment can be ignored in favor of gun violence (corollary: more guns = few being fired). Proof is in results, not ideals. Yet, the Right Wing persists.
    3) Ayn Rand is a goddess and trickle down will work (if the rich, the only ones who actually contribute to building society, want it to. Taxation is theft. Corollary: Economics is moral only when self-interest and unbounded profit can flourish.)
    4) Christian = Evangelical legalism (Christian prayer in schools, no matter your faith; one nation under some anonymous God or you’re a heathen; The Ten Commandments in the public square and as a basis without regard for religious liberty because only one group can obey the first one, right? Only poor Christians are infringed upon, right? Or, maybe we mean the seven commandments, we don’t need to acknowledge their origin and authority to insist on them, right?)
    5) Islam bad, Israel good
    6) A rightward drift of economic dialog which scuttled savings and loan institutions, deregulated banks, created NAFTA.
    7) Search for Bin Laden by invading where he was not. Has it occurred to anyone that the US has never experienced this level of sustained military activity? Do Christians really peddle fear?
    8) Make abortion illegal but do nothing to address the causes and motivations.

    There is enough to take jabs at all sides and enough illogic because the basis for both sides is individuals and independence, not community, dependence, and obligation. There is some perception of a moral decline as if the world is more fallen. Newsflash: being Christian does not make a better, more moral person – it makes a saved sinner. The Western World is not more or less steeped in sin, it only pays more or less lip service to the hegemony of Christendom. I, for one, am wishing for less hegemony so that the Church stands apart.


  4. I most certainly do not go to political sites to discuss confessional theology, just as do do not expect to come to purported theological sites to discuss policy. DOing either proves to be a completely unfruitful task.


  5. So, we are — most likely — going to get Donald or Hillary.

    Schools are falling apart. But I think the deeper roots are families. Families are falling apart first. Churches are falling apart too, so no help there. The only thing steadfast is God’s Word. If anyone will listen to that.


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