What do you mean I’m Free?

By Caleb Keith

Now that my spring semester has ended and summer break has officially begun, I can’t help but feel like a free man. Eighteen hours of my week have just been miraculously loosed, and it feels great. Now the question is, what do I do with all this free time? I’d love to say that I will spend my newly acquired time reading, writing, or even studying my Greek and Latin, but I know myself too well. More than likely, my free time will be filled up by the digital world.

Minutes spent staring at my phone will turn into hours, a couple shows on Netflix before bed will turn into seasons, and Dark Souls III isn’t going to beat itself. Time is tricky. You see, it doesn’t like to be free or empty; it always finds a way to get bound and filled. One question remains: “Was it time well spent?”

I wish I could say that perusing Facebook on my phone and destroying Lords of Cinder on my PlayStation somehow make me a better-off and wiser person, but the honest truth is that most of the time I spend staring into screens are wasted moments that I could have spent working, learning, or sharing with other people. The real problem here isn’t the technology, but the fact that I am irresponsible with my freedom. True freedom is empowering, but I don’t want to be empowered I want to be lazy. True freedom is comforting, but I don’t want to be comfortable. I want to be stressed and brag about how busy I am. This struggle with freedom is not something I suffer from alone; it is a product sin and the result of selfishness and the exact reason why we can’t be trusted with our salvation or sanctification.

In his death and resurrection, Christ set us free from our sin. Yet, our response to such a glorious gift of Grace typically sounds like “What do you mean I’m free?” We don’t understand what it means to be free, and when we do, we often abuse it, just like I selfishly abuse my free time we take the freedom of Christ and make it another opportunity to be lazy. However, Christ’s work doesn’t end at the cross. He gives His Spirit, making sure that His Grace and forgiveness is there through every step of life. Christ shows us what true freedom looks like and declares it ours. Even when we choose to abuse our freedom, Christ stands securely, walking us through this life right into the next.