Road Trip

By Caleb Keith

Today (that is yesterday, for those reading this), I embarked on an eight-hour road trip from Irvine California to Gardnerville Nevada. I make this journey about three or four times a year for various occasions. I grew up in Carson City, Nevada by Lake Tahoe, and my Grandmother still lives in the area. Trips are made mostly to visit her and my lifelong friend, Carson Iverson. This trip is for the very same reasons, but there is an added twist. My friend from Concordia, Jacob Mueller, joined my wife, daughter, and me on our five-day journey.

The original plan for this trip began in March when I had the revelation that I was turning 21 soon along with Jacob and Carson. I solidified the plans with Jacob, gave Carson a heads-up, and patiently waited for a week spent in the wild west drinking, smoking, and maybe a little desert shooting. What our little vacation is really about is something men in this world desperately need but rarely get, and that’s true friendship. This concept of true masculine friendship is something Dr. Keith spends time discussing in his book Being Dad. True masculine friendship is as fun as it is serious and consists of men who cannot only have a good time but can depend on one another to call out each other’s bullshit.

I can honestly say that both Jacob and Carson are true friends who are fun to relax with, but more importunately, they know me well enough to call me out when I am being an ass or know when something is wrong in my world. As I get older and life progresses, it is harder to find time to spend with these great men. This week will be filled family, friends, grace, and booze. I hope you too, dear reader, can find a time to spend with true friends this summer as well. And while you’re at it, pick up a copy of Being Dad to find out more about grace, friendship, and fatherhood.