The Government Thinks It Can Conquer Sin

By Caleb Keith

Over the years I’ve come to enjoy the series of Jason Bourne movies. Things were no different last Thursday when I went to see the latest sequel. 2016’s Jason Bourne follows the same basic formula as every Bourne film.  Step 1. Bourne comes out of hiding, Step 2. The CIA locates Bourne, Step 3. Bourne stops the corrupt CIA from some nefarious and internationally illegal scheme.  While the movie was certainly predictable, the formula still works especially with the movies new technological focus. The main plot revolved around cyber security and the American government’s absolute control over the entire world’s tech.

This film imagines or perhaps predicts a possible end brought about with the world’s obsession with technology and people’s mindless clicking when it comes to accepting buttons on a page of terms and conditions. While most of the technological claims such as hacking every security camera in Athens, and unlocking encrypted off-network computers remotely via a cell phone are most certainly fabricated stretches of what is technologically possible the core concepts behind these feats should scare you.  The film portrayed what I believe to be an accurate picture of the US government. It showed leaders who preyed on the fear of the people and of the world to claim power and superiority

What the movie reminded me is that the American people have been giving up or have had certain civil liberties stripped in the name of security and peace. The media and political leaders use fear to obtain power and promise that with such power they can put an end to all of the society’s fears. The lies go out, with enough power we can end terrorism, with enough power we can end war, with enough power we can end mass shootings, etc. Christians should know better. After all, we are the ones who believe and confess that the world is full of sin. Sin that cannot be overcome by human goodness, sin that cannot be overcome by human law. The root of everything we fear is sin, so it is foolish to think that a government run by sinful people will ever be the answer to the horrors of a corrupt world. The only real answer to sin is found in the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Sin was conquered not by the power of the sword, but by the power of God in the resurrection of Christ. When governments promise they can overcome sin in exchange for your liberties, they are full of shit and pride. Be comforted by the fact that all fear and death has already been conquered and joy and life are already yours on account of Christ.