Stupid Christians?

By Caleb Keith

If you are a Christian, you must be stupid. That’s what I hear from the mainstream media, twitter feeds, public schools, universities and often the federal government, at least. Christians believe in fairytales, hold back science, and have Scriptures that perpetuate sexism and homophobia. The only smart Christians are the ones who know that faith is just a safety blanket; they admit that religion doesn’t belong to the world of rational thought, and they also they keep their traditions, Christmas, and Easter. Maybe they’ll even pray at dinner when grandma is visiting. If only all Christians could be educated.

The above statement is a sham and lie perpetuated by a worldview that despises Christianity. Christians are not inherently stupid because of their faith. In fact, the Christian faith is highly rational and objective. It is not made up of wishy washy feelings and superstitions. The secularism that paints Christianity in such a dull light finds hope in a meaningless world. In this view, a person’s actions ultimately mean nothing. This is an attempt to hide from sin. The Christian worldview threatens this false hope. The Scriptures enlighten what man already know from experience: The world is broken. And the Christian is given a sure hope in face of such darkness. Our God entered time and space to save the world with His own blood. This is no fairy story but historical fact that is open to public investigation. Christians do not have to settle for the secular world’s false accusations. We are called to defend the faith and address objections. This task is called apologetics. In this increasingly hostile climate, Christians must prepare more than ever. That is why the Thinking Fellows podcast has dedicated a series to the apologetic task. Join us every week to learn more about common objections to the Gospel and how to address them.