Keep Your Laws off My Body

By Joel A. Hess

“Keep your laws off my body!” This refrain can be heard at even the smallest pro-abortion protests. For some reason, it causes me to bristle every time. It doesn’t make sense. Repealing Roe v. Wade isn’t about the woman’s body; it’s about the scientifically proven, biologically inarguable human body that’s innocently living in the womb.

We still make laws that apply to the human body. In one way or another, every law limits what a person can do with their body. You can’t text and drive. You can’t stick a knife into a fella’s tires. You can’t rape, murder, molest, steal, etc.

“Keep your laws off my body” sums up mankind’s overall attitude, though. We don’t want anyone to tell us what to do with our own body.

This week, many of us will point fingers at those who don’t want laws on their body. We will mourn and pray for a change of heart, not just for those who glory in abortion, but even for those villains who take advantage of vulnerable women who believe they have nowhere else to turn: abortion doctors, boyfriends, even parents.

Before we put our pointing fingers down, let’s turn them upon ourselves.

law (1)

We don’t really like God’s law on our bodies, either. Sure, many of you who read this blog have never had an abortion (Though I hope some have—meaning they know the sweet forgiveness of Jesus), but have you ever spoken words to bring another person’s reputation down? Abortion! Have you ever made someone feel small so you could feel big? Abortion! Have you ever looked at someone of the opposite sex and saw just flesh for your pleasure? Abortion! What secret sins do you cling to tightly, telling God, ‘Keep your law off my body!” All Eves we are, wanting to rule ourselves for our own pleasure. Meanwhile, we hurt everyone in our path including ourselves.

Repent, for God’s reign is at hand!

Jesus calls us to “Repent because God’s reign is at hand (whether we like it or not). This King who announces His kingdom does not look like others. No, He, who is God, happily allowed His Father’s laws upon His body. More than that, He allowed our trespasses upon His flesh as well. All of them. Every abortion, act of lust, gossip, murder, jealousy, rage, and selfish ambition—all sins were laid upon Him. He did not refuse, even as we marched, mocking Him with signs saying “Keep your laws off my body” as he hung on the cross. He did not have revenge or hurl insults at us on Facebook, but instead cried, “Father forgive them.”

In Jesus, we have forgiveness indeed. For free. We have His Law upon our body in Baptism. Fulfilled.

As we march and call our nation to repent of Roe, may this time be a call for all of us to repent our rebellion and embrace the mercy of God in Christ.