Politics is My Religion

I do daily devotions through my Facebook feed
I pray the RealClearPolitics and study the New Republic
I proselytize my neighbors with the good news of _______
And talk about the end of America as we know it
Here’s a pamphlet
It gives all our points
Will you join?
Can we count on you?
It all depends on you!
It all depends on this election
We need to make the world better
We need to pass laws to perfect us
We need the right sort of minister
The right sort of formula
The right dance and sacrificial victim
What happens in November has eternal reverberations
My vote is my righteousness
My social media posting is my prayer
My feigning is my hand raising
Praise Jesus
Can you feel it?
Are you excited?
If there was no God
No forgiveness
No resurrection
Then today would be all that mattered
And the USA would be my promised Land
And my survival would be my altar
And my politicians my Priests of Midian
And I would be steaming mad about the president
I would be frothing at the mouth angry about Biden
I would hate the other party
And lose sleep about the future
But there is a God
And there is forgiveness for sinners, even misled voters
There is a resurrection where there will finally and only be a perfect heaven and earth and America
There is a King who does what he says
There is a governance that is descending upon us
There is an end that will come whomever is elected
Politics might be my religion
But Jesus is my life