Mom vs. Mom

By Cindy Koch - I’ve always had a hard time with other moms. I am a mom. I’ve known many moms throughout my life. But if you are familiar with friendship among women, you know what I mean. Inevitably, tension builds as moms get to know each other. At first, of course, friendships blossom. We … Continue reading Mom vs. Mom

Meeting Melanchthon: The Early Years

By Scott Keith - Early Life and Education: Philip(p) was born to George and Barbara Schwarzerdt in Bretten in 1497. Philip had four siblings: Anna (1499), Georg (1500 or 1501), Margarete (1506), and Barbara (1508). All were born in his grandparents’ house in the Electoral Saxon Residential town of Bretten. Melanchthon's father, Georg Schwarzerdt, born … Continue reading Meeting Melanchthon: The Early Years