Watch out for your Children

By Caleb Keith

Whether you like or hate that Trump won the presidential election, it is undeniable that the liberal community went through a freak-out. Twitter and Facebook were ablaze; college campuses crumbled in tears and some real idiots started blocking freeways. Amidst false cries of racism and bigotry, some liberals acknowledged how they failed and revealed the larger plan for changing the world. It starts with Christianity. You see, Christianity possess a real threat to the political left, not because many Christians find themselves on the political right, but because Christians believe in objectivity when it comes to issues such as morality, science, and law. Modern liberalism relies on a false pluralism, which says that there is no true right or wrong, gender doesn’t exist, and random chance is god. As they continue to push this worldview, the major force standing in the way is Christianity. While liberals often attack Christianity, at its face the real plan is more sinister: Go for the children. It will come as no surprise to some that a rally call has been sounded for young liberals to become teachers, move into conservative states, and begin indoctrinating children through the one thing parents often don’t control: education. One young liberal took to Twitter and specifically stated that it was time for liberals to attend schools predominately attended by Christians to take them away from the minds of their parents by preaching LGBTQ equality, teaching them to reject God, starting with evolution, and to make them lovers of all people by destroying their fundamentalist morals.

Christian parents: Be on guard. An epistemological war is here and coming after your children. Teach your children the Faith, but also teach them to question, analyze, and affirm it. Be active in their education at home, and do not take the school system for granted. Modern liberalism’s first point of attack is not conservative politics but Christian families. This isn’t a battle of taxes or health care; it is a debate over the existence of sin in the world and the need for a savior.